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Elizabeth Locey + Anne Mandler – Divine Guidance for Manifesting Your Dreams in the Face of Darkness and Fear

Anne Mandler talks with Elizabeth Locey about trusting your heart and putting on your rose-colored glasses in Issue No. 3 of ANNE.

As we enter 2017, editor Anne Mandler asked me to channel useful information for conscious entrepreneurs and others from the Akashic Records about approaching the new year. We decided to address 2017 from the perspective of our visions and creations (what we are intending to build for the future), and what to do when our visions get shaky or wobbly, or when we fall prey to self-doubt. Juicy!

Before I go any further, let me tell you that the Akashic Records are an ethereal, cosmic archive full of all of the past-present- future wisdom of the Universe. As humanity is waking up, more and more people are being called to connect with them. Including you, since you are here reading about them now. This article is a summary of what came through in the channeling. For maximum experience, I suggest you listen to the channeling via this link: http://www.elizabethlocey.com/anne-magazine-for-2017-3/. There’s more information on the recording about the Records and the Record Keepers (wise guardians and cosmic librarians), so be sure to listen all the way through.

The first 17 minutes include important introductory notes from Anne and from me about the best ways to listen, absorb the information, and get grounded later. The subsequent times you listen (we encourage replaying it multiple times in order that new layers of meaning unfold for you), you can skip ahead to 17:20 if you prefer. The channeling itself runs a quick 20 minutes, but don’t skip the water and grounding afterwards.

Why write and channel Divine truth about manifesting our visions now? It’s not only to help you to create what you desire in your business, your relationships, or your health. There’s also a global component.

The world doesn’t look very pretty at the moment. In the US, we’re dealing with politics and the effects of our election.

There is currently a standoff at South Dakota over whether or not the state has the right to put a pipeline through the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. I’m not even going to address the dark, bloody history of First Nations confinement and treaty violations by the U.S. government (outrage fatigue kicks in). What is particularly grim about this situation is that the government is taking the side of a corporation against a sovereign people and their sacred land and arresting the journalists who try to cover the abuses happening there.

It’s difficult, when we look out into the world, to feel that loving intentions could ever have a chance against the self-oriented ones that are backed up by super PACs, razor wire, and attack dogs.

And yet, now is the time to bring them out into the world. Build your dreams. Manifest your visions of prosperity, harmony, and peace. We need them now more than ever, and the Akashic Record Keepers are here to show us how.

The first thing to know is that, regarding 2017, the foundations of the year (and our creations) have already been laid in the second half of 2016. We are now scaffolding 2017, which is the first step to building.

What’s clear from the outset is that there will be push back (as there always is—this gives you the chance to really claim your visions and own them) from within and without. Push back from within takes the form of wobble or self-doubts, or listening to the internal voices that say “what if … ?”

From without comes a lot of fear. The Keepers described a game between the Fear Team and the Love Team, to decide who rules the world.

For millennia, Team Fear has been crushing it, but in the past few years, there have been major defections from Fear to Love. If you’re here reading this, know that you are one who defected to Team Love, and that this team will ultimately win. [Check out the recording here to unpack this.]

You will most likely see this Team Fear push back show up as acts of violence (as in: more police violence, an uptick in reports of crimes against children for example, or terrorist attacks), or as a generalized sense of insecurity. This fearful atmosphere is there to get your attention and to offer you a choice: are you going to go back to Team Fear? Or are you going to stick with Love? Hint: resisting implies fear. You may still be wearing the Love Team colors, but you’re sitting on the sidelines. To be a first-string Love player, you have to let go of resistance and judgment, and trust that everything will be okay in the end. You are being asked by source to pay attention, but in a detached kind of way: “I see you trying to scare me, and it’s not going to work! Hahaha.” It’s best to not allow yourself to get hooked (you might want to limit your consumption of TV news), but if you do get hooked, you will learn some important things there. No choice is a bad choice, it simply leads to different lessons.

Everything that exists is Pure Love, no matter what it looks like on the surface.

Therefore, the best way to bring a vision into manifestation in our world is to come at it from a sense of pure Love, because this is really all there is.

Really, that sh*t-storm out there is Love? It may not look true—something may appear difficult, or incredibly scary, or impossible to surmount, or disgusting—but it is true that everything around you is ultimately pure Love: the presidential election, Standing Rock, the struggles that you see around you, the “bad” news you just got— all of it. Each situation represents a choice point: are you going to see it as scary, or as an opportunity to come from Love? (You could even choose to see it as both.)

Make the leap of faith if your brain doesn’t grasp this right away; pull it out of your mind, and let your body, and especially your heart, integrate this wisdom.

The Keepers said: “Things might look like loss or fear, but that’s just a ticket to finding something even better.”

Take a step back, go into your heart, and ask to see how this so-called loss is the most loving thing that could happen to you. Take several deep breaths, feel gratitude softening your heart, and ask it what the truth is. Ask your heart to tell you what is really real. It may surprise you!

What is true is that big, so-called tragic events are actually freedom cards. They are your ticket from the “not-perfect-but-I’m-used-to-it-place” where you’ve been, to a place that is much more suited to fulfilling your secret dreams and life contracts.

Humans are not victims, despite what we’ve been taught in schools, within religious communities, and culturally thanks to our upbringing and messages that we consume via the omnipresent media. Each human is actually co-creating her or his own experience in every moment, which is divinely tailored for and by each one of us.

Yes, I’m hoping we don’t vote for dictator material, but if we do, the lessons we learn during the next four to eight years will set us up for incredible growth, and perhaps take us to a much-needed breaking point. Yes, the governmental repression of the Standing Rock Sioux is outrageous. And, it’s shining a bright light on an untenable situation that U.S. citizens have tolerated—and benefited from—for centuries. It looks grim, yet this is an opportunity to heal the way we treat First Nations, as well as a chance to recommit to the freedom of the press, guaranteed under the First Amendment to our Constitution (the Bill of Rights) along with freedom of religion and freedom of speech. There is a lot to (and a lot of) Love in there, under the crappy wrapping.

Everything happens for a reason, and all reasons are full of Love.

The best thing to do when it looks grim, when our visions and intentions weaken, or when we run into self-doubt, is to go into our hearts and ask what’s true. Ask how to see this as Love. What is the not-dark reading of this situation? This is always the best way to deal with any situation that you find troubling.

Put on your rose-colored glasses!

Yes, the Keepers noted that culturally, being accused (it’s a crime against logic, and the social constructs that claim to be The Truth) of wearing rose-colored glasses means that you’re being naive or even snowed. From a strictly human 3-D lensing, these glasses are for idiots.

And yet, nothing could be further from the multi-dimensional truth. Looking through rose-colored glasses means seeing things through the divine lens. Rose-colored glasses are the Official Goggles of the Love Team!

The final message from the Keepers about manifesting our visions is this. Each of our visions is like a flower: it starts in a bud. In order to come into full bloom, that flower requires several things. It needs the right kind of nourishment (water and possibly fertilizer) and the rays of the sun.

Just like a flower is a co-creation between the seed and the sun, so, too, are our visions manifested through co-creation. We embodied humans have to be the ones to take the action of pouring water and love onto our creations, and then open them up to Divine Light, which is like the nourishing sun. We humans are doing the watering, but we also need to let the Divine Light touch the creation-in-the-making every day.

Ask your guides to beam their Love Light onto your creation every day, and then listen for guidance. Maybe you’ve been over watering your creation, or perhaps it’s gotten so big that it needs to be re-potted! Co-creation is like a dance; allow the Divine to lead, and flow with it in beautiful synergy.

If you have ever grown roses or other flowering plants, remember what it feels like in your heart to see that rose bloom into its full glorious self. Lean into the Love and pride that you carry toward your creations, just as you would a rose blooming in your garden. Do not worry that others will judge you for your creations. Some will, inevitably, but that is their story, not yours.

Some members of Team Fear like to stomp on pretty things. You can choose whom you let into your garden to see your beautiful creations before they are fully formed. Allow yourself to be very particular. This is another thing that society shames us into avoiding, but being discerning is absolutely essential in today’s world. Use your rose-colored glasses (the lenses of the heart) to help you in your discernment.

I trust that by using these steps, you’ll see all of your visions for 2017 and beyond flourish. Please reach out to elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com with your questions and successes. It is one of my greatest pleasures to connect with those who have used this divine wisdom for which it is my honor to be a conduit. Deep bow, darling!


Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., is a Way-Shower, Oracle, and Crystal Priestess. She helps women and select men to expand and walk their intuitive edge right to their Mythic Greatness. A prominent entrepreneur recently said of Elizabeth: “As an Oracle, she shines when guiding people through their darkest fears into Love.” Indeed, the very first answer she received from her Akashic Records in 2008 was, “You are a Truth Teller with capital T’s. And when you sing your Truth Song, imprisoned angels are set free.”

After a distinguished 13-year academic career—as an award-winning professor of French & Women’s Studies, well-known scholar and leader—Elizabeth made a sharp right turn. On January 1, 2010, no doubt spurred on by the Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse of the night before, she quit her guaranteed-salary- for-life job. With one click of the “send” button, she went from being a socially sanctioned Wise Woman as an academic and scholar, to picking up her staff as a spiritual teacher. channel, healer, and has never looked back.

In addition to her private Oracle Consultations, Elizabeth offers public Oracle Transmissions, where callers can receive answers from the Divine Plane to their own questions about a topic that needs elucidation.

Finally, Elizabeth organizes potent in-person retreats, both in the States and abroad; her next trip abroad is for women looking to reclaim their power by connecting deeply with Mary Magdalene in the South of France.

Join her at elizabethlocey.com and be sure to reach out to her—she loves to hear from people whom she has touched.

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