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Anne Mandler interviews Nancy Duarte on Illuminate for the Spring/Summer 2016 No. 2 of ANNE ANNE: I’m super excited today to be talking with Nancy Duarte of Duarte, Inc. Nancy, welcome. NANCY: Thanks for having me. ANNE: Thanks for being here. Our agency also helps entrepreneurs and businesses create messaging. What I’d love to chat with you about today is about your message and story, as well as your new book. I’ll take a moment to introduce you here. Nancy Duarte is a communication expert who’s been featured in several publications including Fortune, Forbes, and Fast Company. Her firm, Duarte, Inc., has created thousands of presentations for the world’s top institutions including Apple, Cisco, Facebook, GE, Google, and the World Bank as well as TED. She’s also the author...

If you were to ask Nancy Duarte what her story was and how it was going, she'd most likely answer, "There has so much that has happened that I think it’s kind of exciting" and she has chronicled the journey of leadership through a new book she's co-authored called Illuminate.Nancy will also tell you that, as a leader herself, she didn't always know where her firm was going. It's with this in mind she has advice for new entrepreneurs and organizations just starting out.It All Starts With a DreamAnd doesn't it always feel that way? That's what the first phase of venture scape is. You have this dream, and I think that the dream has to be coupled with passion because it takes a lot of determination...

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